Simple Installation

Installed in under 4 hours – no builders needed*

1. Position the base and assemble the body.

Your PondStir comes with all components, bolts, lever block, ground stakes and a with full instruction manual.
Effluent Stirrer Base Image
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2. Assemble the boom, boom support and head.

The boom support and boom box sections come in two or three segments and bolt together easily. The head is vertically adjustable to ensure a horizontal stirring motion.
Effluent Stirrer Side On Image
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3. Fill the base and counterweight with concrete.

The concrete in your PondStir serves as both the foundation and counterweight to your boom and stirring head.
Fixed Base Effluent Stirrer Diagram
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4. Connect to mains, switch on and begin stirring.

The fully adjustable boom and boom head enable the positioning of the boom head in a horizontal position for an optimal stirring motion.
Cross section of Effluent Stirrer
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Required Equipment

Installation of the PondStir is easy. Your installation team will require the following:

Full installation instructions are provided with each purchase of a PondStir.

* Concrete is required to be delivered to site for pouring into premade counterweight boxing.