Making Effluent

Effluent shouldn’t be a drain on your dairy farm. The right stirrer will help you to fully capitalise on this valuable resource.

Maximise the NUTRIENT VALUE from your effluent ponds.

Making Effluent

Effluent is a valuable source of nutrients and the right stirrer will help you to fully capitalise on this resource.

The pond stirrer you choose is instrumental in determining the nutrient value of the effluent you apply to your pasture. Insufficient stirring can lead to the build-up of sludge at the base of your pond inhibiting the microorganisms that break down effluent creating a nutrient rich fertiliser.

PondStir uses specialised design and production to  greatly increase the efficiency of the stirring achieved, using less power whilst increasing thrust and stirring capability.

New Zealand Made Effluent Stirrer Image

Shrouded propeller creates an energy efficient jet-stream saving power and increasing thrust.

2.5 Square meter foundations and counter weight allow for quick and easy setup
Available in 8m and 10m lengths
PondStir pivoting counterweight
A powerful yet energy efficient TBM motor available in 4kw and 7.5kw options
State-of-the-art propeller and motor for increased pressure and efficiency
A 180 degree swiveling boom means the propeller and system can be swung out of the pond for easy servicing and movement within the pond

The PondStir Process



A solid layer of material floats on the surface of the pond



PondStir begins to break up the solid crust on the top of the pond mixing it with the liquids underneath



After 2 hours the solid material has mixed in with the liquids and the greenwater is now ready to be applied to your paddocks as fertiliser.
"Before PondStir our pond was thick with 2 & 1/2 metres of solids. Putting in PondStir has meant we are able to stir the solids and apply through our Cobra and K lines. PondStir is a very handy solution to effluent mangement."
Scott Wylie
Farm Manager, Rotopai Farms
"PondStir is easy to assemble and install with good instructions. You can see the value in low maintenance and the ongoing low-cost operation. Our clients are very happy and are finally able to mix their pond."
Jason Waugh
Cotter & Stevens Electrical and Machinery


The PondStir can be assembled in less than a day without any excessive digging or specialist equipment. The head of the Pondstir is mounted on a pivoting boom that allows it to be serviced a safe distance from the pond. Once installed, simply set a timer to ensure frequent agitation. Or manually switch it on as required.
Easy to assemble effluent stirrer photo


The adjustable height, pivot and engineered head make the PondStir effective in a wide range of pond types. The ability to swivel the mixer head completely out and away from the effluent pond makes this one of the safest models on the market. Pondstir is a long term solution for your effluent pond.
Photo showing adaptable effluent stirrer design


The unique shrouded head on each PondStir requires less energy to get the effluent moving by creating increased efficiencies. This means it gets the job done faster using less power saving you money over time. Two mixer types (4kw and 7.5kw) allow for efficient stirring regardless of your pond or tank size.
Image showing dry matter before effluent stirrer is used


Thorough mixing prevents stagnation and the formation of a crust while also supporting anaerobic activity. The result is a higher quality fertiliser for you to apply to your pasture. The consistency of the stirred effluent can be easily pumped into your irrigation system and reduces the risk of blockages.
Image showing effective stirring using the pondstir efflient stirrer by metalform